Saturday, 15 April 2017

US Government Finally Confirms That Marijuana Can Kill Cancer

So, no longer is cannabis a conspiracy theory about cancer killing, US officials confirmed. We can say this herb is useful and can be preventive for cancer killing, but can we speak of medical marijuana? Amy Willis, official cancer website in charge published on the Government site this topic about cannabis and cannabinoids.

She said that the National Cancer Institute, as part of US Health Department confirmed cannabinoids can successfully treat side effects in cancer and cancer treatment. You can smoke it, bake with it, drink as herbal tea and spray under the tongue.

The site listed a few medical uses of marijuana like relieving stress, pain, killing inflammation, killing viruses, removing anxiety and tumors too, reducing spasms in muscles and more.

Also it is explained in lab testing that marijuana kills cancer.

She added that some science studies confirmed this in the past and last year, in April the US official National Drug Abuse Institute revised publications and said cannabis can kill brain tumor cells.

So this is a sign that the US officials cannot fight the cannabis benefits anymore, but would other Western countries agree?

Cannabis is a good herb and has no side effects compared to other cancer cells, and it can treat many more diseases.